Pass Monkey

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The PassMonkey is the precursor to the RenderMonkey that is currently in development. This allows you to set your scene based off of your selection sets and your saved render presets. Has controls for environment background maps - toggling atmospherics and effects as well.

When creating selection sets - include a camera and your active viewport will be changed to that view - the obects will be hidden/unhidden - the lights turned on/off - and the renderpreset will be set. It's a quick way to set up your passes for GI - Ambient Occlusion - Reflections - Etc...

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All files will be installed through an executable installer - just point to the root of your MAX 7 directory and you are good to go. In your preferences you'll find a new menu category called CGsoldier and you can drag a button into your UI or put it into your quad menu.

All required function - Icon - and Macroscripts are included on the installation

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