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Arda Kutlu

-visibility tool : make an object only visible between certain keyframes (optionally with fades)

-material tools: assigns full white material to the selected objects and full black to rest of objects.

assigns matte/shadow material to selected objects.

assigns a material for Ambient Occlusion to selected objects.

automatically optimize scene render settings for matte renderings and AO Renderings.


I often need alphas and additional reflections/shadows for certain objects. At the compositing process. And it bothers me to entering 4 keyframes manually to make an objects between certain keyframes (beside, there are often mistakes and unwanted fades) I wrote this script to speed up these kind of preperations and reduce the mistake ratio.



version 1.1 update:

- in the optimization for AO rendering Environment color fixed as white which is more suitable for compositing.

- added Wired AO material which is a an AO material with wireframe blending. (Good for use in demonstrations, especially to emphasize on the topology)



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This is a Macroscript. After you run the script, you can find the script under customize => customize user interface - category: Tik Works, and can assign it to a hotkey, menu or quad menu

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written in 2008, should work with 8.0 and 9.0
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