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Can gather information from users PC such as Memory - Graphics Card - OS - CPU type and speed - 3DS Max Version - PC name - current Renderer as well as hard drives on PC. Uses existing maxscript code as well as uses activex to read included HTML file with Javascript which uses WMI to get other PC data. Hard Drives are listed and color coded according to whether they are CD - Local drive - floppy - or network drive.

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Drag-Drop maxscript file into 3ds Max. Use HTML button to locate html file (included with zip file) before running program. Hit 'Refresh' to run program. 'Hard Drive' must be checked in order to obtain hard drive data.

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<a href='http://www.scriptspot.com/extensions/web_upload/Larry%20Minton/avg_dlx70_9.zip' target=_top>Avguard MAXScript Extension</a>
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