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PolyBoost is an extensive set of easy to use, but advanced tools for 3d artists working in 3ds max. The focus of the PolyBoost tools is at speeding up and streamlining workflow for the artist. PolyBoost offers a wide range of tools for creating various types of subobject selections as well as a set of modelling tools which will make many tasks in everyday modelling a lot easier.

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NOTE this is a commercial script - a 20 session evaluation version is also available.

Check out the new features of PolyBoost 3.0 on the website: PolyBoost

Included is also a Viewport texture painting tool, UVW editing tools and a set of useful transform tools. The tools have been developed with the end user very much in mind to enable tools that are user-friendly, fast, stable and above all useful. Autodesk 3ds max contains an existing set of robust modelling tools. Combining these base tools with the PolyBoost tools greatly enhances the users ability, giving them the most fully featured modeller on the market with uses that stretch over all of the different areas of 3d. The feature-list for PolyBoost is quite extensive with over 100 unique tools, visit the website to view some of the main features with more detailed descriptions: PolyBoost

Go to the Videos section of the website to view videos of the tools in action.

Go here to view a list of all the featured tools in PolyBoost.

Available for download is also the PolyBoost user-reference with more extensive descriptions of the tools and interface: Download

Some notes about the tools:

PolyBoost will work in 3ds max versions 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. Most of the tools work on all subobjectlevels - so it's one tool for all modes. UVW-mapping is kept intact for all the modelling tools and work with modifiers in the stack. Many tools have an optional functionality when the shift key is pressed. This will either apply the tool on the current selection only - or do another variation of the tool. Shortcuts are available for all tools that do not require an interface in order to be useful. The PolyBoost main interface - where all tools can be found is always available by shortcut key or from a quadmenu.

Version Requirement: 
9; 8; 7; 6; 5
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