Pose Factory

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Pose Factory is an easy to use Pose Manger for saving loading unlimited number of poses for any custom made characters .

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-save unlimited poses
-load poses
-load poses local
-load pose on selection only or on body only or face only .
-all custom attributes will be saved.
-different kind of saving loading sets so you can have many poses for each character all saved and portable.
-loading poses from different characters made by same autorig (has same naming structure/prefix), so any rig done by Shater Autoriger or any other autoriger will work just fine.
-all poses are portable , you can find it on your animation folder of your project and you can share them with your team.
-saving poses for multi characters in the same scene with no problem at all by selection or you can make a new sets of pages if u enter a new character name on the lower section.

How to use:
-characters controllers must be on one layer and face controllers in another layers
-all the character controllers names should be Charactername_hand, charactername_footIk ..etc , it will work on any set of objects on the layers assigned this way.
-in setup panel enter the layers name prefix or change your charcters to match PoseFactory defaults and you are set to go.
-saving poses for multi characters in the same scene without changing setup if your layers are the same "charctername_conts" "cha2_conts" "ch3_facial" so you need to setup the scene once on the setup layername will be "_conts" "_facial" and it should work with all.

This tool was used on Shater Autorigger and moody free character rig , its mdified to all rigs or set of objects now.
v:2.1 release for all rigs not only Shater Autoriger tool.
2.11 fix local posing (load relative pose) don't work , now you need to change your character main cont. name or modify it from the script setup rollout.
2.12 minor UI changes

-maybe in future version I'll make a more friendly setup section with saving setup option if it helps users better.

report any problems/bugs
happy animation :)

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