Position Copy / Paste Toolset

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This is a set of scripts that lets you instantly copy the positions of selected objects/components and paste them to a different selection. It comes in the form of three macroscripts which you can set to hotkeys; one for copying positions, one for pasting positions, and one that opens up a floating user interface for changing options and settings. The video below goes over the details of the options available.

The script supports copying and pasting from:
* Editable Poly, Editable Mesh, Editable Spline, Edit Poly, Unwrap UVW.
* Copying positions from polygon verts/edges/faces, UV verts/edges/faces, spline knots/segments, and objects (aka. nodes)
* Pasting positions to polygon verts, UV verts, spline knots, objects, and pivots / working pivot.

It has been tested to work with 3DSMax 2012-2019. It may also work with older/newer versions as well but has not been tested on them.

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