PSD to Material

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Converts a PSD file's layers into a material. This can either be done Manually - or Smartly. Manually gives you lists of the layers in the PSD file and allows you to choose which layer goes where. Smart does this for you by looking for keywords.

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Smart - Layers are compared to wildcards to determine which map they are.
Manual - You determine in which slot each layer goes.

Installation Instructions:

exit 3dsMax
copy 'Wahooney Tools - Mirror Morh Targets.mcr' to your 3dsmaxuimacroscripts directory.
restart 3dsMax
Bind the script to a Key - add it to a toolbar or Quad Menu in CustomizeCustomize User Interface.
**The script can be found in 'Wahooney Tools' category.

Version Requirement: 
7; 6
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