Quick Mask Object

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Renders a quick pass of whatever objects you have selected in 100% self illuminating white - with everything else in the scene black. Useful for creating quick masks or mattes to use in Photoshop. Simply select the objects - and push the button. Note: This script uses hold and fetch to restore your scene - and will ask to fetch after each use. Simply click yes to continue.

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Installation Instructions

- Standard Maxsripts (.ms) can be run from the Maxscript button in the utilities panel. To have them always available - save the scripts into your scripts/startup directory.

- Macroscripts (.mcr) should be placed in UI/Macroscripts - and are then accessed through the 'Customise User Interface' menu in 3dsmax. You can then assign the script to a keystroke - or a button. All macroscripts will appear under the 'Dusk' category in the dropdown.

Version Requirement: 
7; 6
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