Random Select

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This maxscript allows you to randomly select vertices - faces - and edges of any editable mesh. Highlight the mesh you want and run the maxscript. You can choose a percent of elements you want selected and grow or subtract from your current selection. As in - dial 20% under the vertex rollout - hit select - and you have 20% of the vertices selected for editing. You can add-to or subtract from existing selections also. Works on faces - points - and edges. This is perfect for planet making and terraining.

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You can add this to your StudioMax menu buttons by opening this script in the MaxScript Editor and dragging the code into a toolbar. Or - just move it to your 3dsmax6/scripts folder and run them from the utilities menu.

This maxscript was written and tested in StudioMax version 6 and version 3. If you have success or failure on additional versions - please let me know via our help page. The dialog menu lets you control three sub-selection levels of your mesh. A percent spinner dial along with the ability to add or subtract from a selection make this tool very handy for a wide variety of purposes.

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