Random Wire Color

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Assign random wirecolor to selected objects


  • One color for all instances
  • Limited color range to better viewport visibility
  • Adjustable color range (tutorial below)
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  1. Drag .mcr file to 3dsMax viewport
  2. Go to: Customize > Customize User Interface > Category NikScripts
  3. Find script by name and add to Toolbar, Menu or Hotkey

How to change colors:

  • Open .mcr file in script editor. You need just 2 lines: 41 and 42
  • Number in line 41 is the saturation. You can keep it fixed or paste “random 0 255” to get random saturation
  • Numbers in line 42 are range of brightness. Default is from 150 to 240, but you can change it to 0 255 to get completely random color.
  • Press Ctrl+E and Ctrl+S in editor