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Whichever material in the material editor you choose - this script will go in and find all maps within that material that have a phase variable and assign a random number to it. This is useful if say you have two rocks - both with the same texture on it that contains several levels of procedural noise. By cloning the material - applying it to the second rock - then using this script - the two rocks will now have similar looking textures - but look different from each other due to the phase difference.

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For a max 5 - 4.2 version of this script - please download bspack_r4_r5_v031.zip. Use the original bspack_r42.zip if you want only max 4.2 compatibility.

The only major differences between script packages are slight version compatibility issues - there are no new scripts added between the 3 packages.

Version Requirement: 
7; 6
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