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Mayec Rancel


Render MOV Maker
version .b1

written by Mayec Rancel

Creates a .mov file from a render sequence, even in x64 versions of max (wich is not allowed by default). Can be used as a

Post-Render script or independently.

    - You need to have Quicktime installed for this to work.
    - You also need to have the companion 'qtSeq2mov.js' script in your default scripts folder (e.g. "C:\Program

Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2010\Scripts\")

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This script has been tested in 3ds max 2010 x64, running on Windows Vista.

Copy "" and "qtSeq2mov.js" to your scripts folder (e.g. "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2010\Scripts")

There are two ways to use this script:

1. The first one (and most useful) is as a Post-Render Script. Load it in the Render Setup window, Scripts panel. Make a render, and when the render is finished, the script's UI will pop up and let you pick a couple of settings (A.whether to use sound and B.whether to delete sequence files after the whole processis done) before launching the .mov generation itself, through Quicktime.

2. The second is as an stand-alone script. After making a render the usual way, launch this script from the same scene as the one that created the render, and you will get the UI with the same options for .mov generation (Sound and Delete Files.

To automatize the process a bit more, you can run the script in 'Express' mode. In this mode, no MaxScript will pop up (only the Quicktime one). Default settings will be used:

- Don't delete render files
- No sound file

To activate 'Express' mode: open in a text editor. Replace the line that says "express = false" with "express = true". Save the file, and execute as usual. That's it!


Q: The resulting .mov file has a strange size/aspect-ratio
R: Check the settings in Quicktime, before generating the .mov file. That's where you configure the size/format/a-ratio of your movie.

Q: even though I picked a sound file and activated the sound option, my resulting .mov has no sound
R: Same thing. Check the settings in Quicktime before .mov creation, to make sure that sound is activated for output.


Render MOV Maker v.b1


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This script has been tested in 3ds max 2010 x64, running on Windows Vista.
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