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"Scales an object in the x y and z to exact lengths. can be used to uniformly scale based on one axis - or to non uniformly scale all axis at the same time. simply type in the length you desire in units and hit the button. added support for reset xform and collapse stack to script ui. can be used on multiple selected objects.
New features in 2.0 include workflow improvements - the ability to resize on local world and all other coordinate systems and a dimensions tool ( the dimensions tool only works on single objects).
This new version requires Avguard Extensions - Version 5.0.6 and as such will probably only work in max 5.0 or higher - resize 1.0 is still available for max versions 4 and 5. unzip the file to the root directory of max and it should install everything you need."

remarkably still works in 2017. without the extensions even :)

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<a href='' target=New>AVGuard 5.0.6 Extension Package</a>