RPC ShadowMan

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"Archvision RPC Trees are great for quickly placing bitmapped trees in your scene quickly. However - due to the billboard technology - a tree that is less than perpendicular to the primary light source will appear to have a skewed shadow. This script fixes that problem by automatically rendering a file from the light viewport - projecting the shadows of your trees onto the scene. It's really just an automated - easy way to do what most RPC users have to do already - except without all the repetitive - manual work...

There are two parts to this script - the shadow generator simply renders a 32bit image file and applies it as a projector map to the light... Sometimes however - this approach can be too limiting as it doesn’t allow for shadow changes without a re-render… Thus - the second part of the script sets up self illuminated materials in such a way that when you render from your camera viewport you get a perfect layer that can be laid on top of your existing layer in Photoshop. Now you can blur/sharpen or adjust the opacity in realtime to your heart's content..."

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