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"RPManager is an extension of discreet 3dsmax 5.1 - intended to make the task of managing multiple render passes from a single scene file efficient and User Error free.

In common pass-rendered productions - the user will typically either setup a single scene file and manually edit parameters/scene setup to output the desired passes - prone to user error - or break the scene out to multiple files - makes editing a chore and prone to error as the files need to be synchronised after edits/tweaks - usually manually. Both these methods take up large amounts of time - especially at the end of a job where many small modifications are often required - and the difficulty and hassle of setup often means users tend to break a scene down into fewer passes than desired for final control in a post processing package.

RPManager overcomes this problem in two ways: firstly it allows unlimited render presets - or passes - in your scene - and secondly it attempts to bring all render parameters into the one interface - or at least controlled and restored by the RPManager engine. The few less used in (a per pass sense) or user custom render parameters not included in the RPManager interface can be controlled through the BeforePass and AfterPass scripts - if you need something done per pass and it is not in the RPManager interface but it is scriptable - then RPManager can still control this on a per-pass basis.

There are two versions of RPManager - RPManager and RPManagerLite - see the RPManager feature list for more information."

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