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"Due to a bug in max 4.x it is possible to overwrite files that are marked as read-only. safeSave tools are a set of tools to replace the max internal save functions - and solve this problem (until Discreet with fix it in future versions of max). safeSave tools consists of four save tools:

  • safeSave - replaces the max save (file > sae).
  • safeSaveAs - replaces the max save as (file > save as).
  • safeSaveSelected - replaces the max save selected (file > save selected).
  • safeSaveIncremental - replaces the max save incremental (the + in save as).
  • Updates in v1.1: Added two more incremental saving functions:

  • safeSaveMajorInc - Saves incremental major version.
  • safeSaveMinorInc - Saves incremental minor version (adds the letters a-z after the number).
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