Santa Project Planner

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For animation or gaming production you need to design production flow or deploy networkrendering architecture.
Santa Project planner helps you to design production outline and save your money to buy any commercial production flow designer.
Santa Project Planner is a front end to access AddFlow. Try to drag on canvas. It will create Design Node for You. Right click on any node you will get property settings Dialogue. Where From you easily can change node settings. Select any element and drag his center to another element's center. It will create an arrow connector. You can edit the connector by right clicking on it. If you want to learn more about addflow just read the pdf help (you can Download it from
Please report bugs and additional requirements - if any - to [email protected] - subject:Santa Project Planner.

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Like other Macro script Run Script. Then Access Form customize User interface under customize menu. Select susanta category. Drag the SantaProjectPlanner on your toolbar. You can also use it with keyboard shortcut.

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