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Very useful to hide & unhide objects when working with complex scenes like making scene with 100 tree objects or more. Perfect for such situation like:1) All similar objects are in same layer (no of layers is also many)2) Don't want to use unhide by name or you forget the objects name (long name list.hard to find a specific object)3) Don't want to create selection set before every hide-unhide.When you use this script it gives a complete list of every hide you can unhide them easily. Again you can select or show property of every objects in your hide list or can manipulate individually. You can create multiple hide/unhide list group (overlapping object name.means a single can be part of two list). So scopes are in hand how you use this script.Quick help with every floater.

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1. Create a folder 'santaMemoryHide' in your max script folder.
2. Unzip the code and copy '' and '' in just created santaMemoryHide folder
3. Run the
4. For 'customize user interface' under 'Toolbars' tab select susanta category.
5. Now drag the 'santaMemoryHide' action to your main toolbar
6. Select your objects what you want to hide click the new 'santaMemoryHide'fron your toolbar.
Please report bugs and additional requirements - if any - to

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