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Sergo Pogosyan

This script is made after the *nix's MAKE utility. It helps you quickly "save-and-compile" multi-file maxscripts and make additional steps in building process such as closing windows, running compiled scripts, copying files etc. All this by pressing toolbar button! Enjoy!

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It will save-and-compile current script in maxscript editor, but if your script consists of several files (main file, function file) then you can create special script and describe build process in that file (just like in Makefiles). For example I'm using this file to build BatchCam2 maxscript: file. compiles script in current directory.
--this file gets called by ScriptBuilder maxscript.

category_name = "Sergo Pogosyan"
script_name = "BatchCam2"
output_file = ""
full_output_file = \\
pathConfig.appendPath (getFilenamePath (getSourceFileName())) output_file
try CloseRolloutFloater batchCam2_floater catch()

filein @"" --this is main file that eventually will 'compiled'

if (doesFileExist full_output_file) then
deleteFile full_output_file
copyFile (pathConfig.appendPath (getdir #usermacros)\\
(category_name + "-" + script_name + ".mcr")) full_output_file category_name script_name

As you can see this file closes script window, compiles main script file, re-runs newly compiled script and even makes a copy of compiled script in the development directory.

The key feature of this script - access to the maxscript editor's window - is pointed out by Denis from the Detailed info could be found in the script source.

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tested under 2012
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