Scripters Army Knife

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This script is designed to improve the workflow of script writers.

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The two main features are:

- Script Wizard
This quickly creates skeleton code for scripts. This is extendable through plugins found in the maxroot/scripts/wahooney/ScrAK/wizards folder. So feel free to expand upon and add to these wizards.

Choose the category that the wizard is in - click on the wizard and click Open Wizard - some scripts will popup a dialog box with options to set and change. Once you've finished setting the wizard up click Finish in the Script Wizard... Dialog. Your new script will pop up as if by magic - if you set the optional Path value the script will automatically be saved. - if not be sure to save the script file before closing it.

- Script Library
This script will make scripts found in max's default script paths (ui/macroscripts - scripts - stdScripts) easily accessable with a few clicks.

Click the +'s and -'s to expand folders and script categories. Double clicking the New Script... Items will create new scripts in the respective folders - a dialog will popup and you can enter the name of your new script (be sure to suffix .ms or .mcr). Right-Clicking will give you the option to delete the selected script or filter the results by folder or by script type.

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