Select By Name V3

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This script will create a rollout very similar to the default 'Select By Name' tool however with a few key features:
1) Non-Modal - so it can be left open and will update/sync with the selection.
2) Added Hide - Freeze and Delete to the rollout.

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I've updated the select by Name to version 3. Basically the main difference from select by name version 2 is:

a) Resizable window
b) Uses Active x ListView to display the object details so now you get a colored display

Macroscript - just add to %maxdir%UIMacroScripts and run max. Alternatively - you from within 3ds you can click Maxscript / Run Script and select this script...

Now - from the Customize User Interface screen - change the category to 'rodent' and you'll see 'Select By Name v3' - go ahead and add it to a toolbar - menu - quad - whatever you want. That's it!

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