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"Many new selectioncommander-commands are available now. the commands.txt is in v6.2 and there are ca 140command-presets available. the selectioncommander is a script which manage and interpretates simple maxscript-like commands from the commands.txt. the command will be executed (if possible) for all selected objects...but you can also define commands which run without selected objects. its also possible to create a gui for your commands. selectioncommander is very fast and handy to use and its very easy to define your own commands.(a small description is in the head of the commands.txt)
Some examples:

  • create grass by using random bend-modifiers (or animate them) by one click
  • rename large numbers of objects by one click
  • want to create one lightmap/texture by using rendertotexture? use detach and assign by vertexcolor...
  • plant trees on a mesh by using scatter objects to mesh
  • want to have different grass? assign materials randomly to a mass of objects
  • convert modifier-animation to vertexanimation without problems
  • you need a simple color-memory? no problem
  • or a fast and simple omni-lightdome? use the light-category
  • or you want to create your own commands? ;o)
  • "

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