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Collection of maxscripts (.ms) and macroscripts (.mcr) which when put in the 3ds max startup scripts folder will always set max to the specified priority or when using the macroscripts will allow you to create a button in the max interface to set the priority. For example - you could boost the priority when you're doing something intensive or alternatively set one session of max to low priority in order to speed up something else.

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- Extract the files somewhere on your hard drive. Make a folder if you want - it doesn't matter.

- The 6 priority scripts are organized as follows. The macroscripts (.mcr) files are to be used in the 3ds max interface while the maxscript files (.ms) are to be used in the 3dsmax7scriptsstartup folder (ie c:3dsmax7scriptsstartup or whatever). Of course you don't need ALL of the startup scripts - just use the one you need - for example I use the low priority file - in my startup folder so every time max starts up it is in low priority mode.

- To use the macroscripts - use Maxscript / Run Script which will install the script into max... Now you need to decide how you are going to access it. To assign it as a button just to to Customize / Customize User Interface / Toolbars tab. Change the category to CG_Tools and then drag whichever priority script you want up to your toolbar.

Version Requirement: 
7; 6
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