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This program is an assistant tool to program MAXSCRIPT - the 3D Studio MAX integrated language since the version 2. It allows to show all the properties available of one the object of the scene - of the class of object - as a list of SuperClass existing and all the classes that they contain. This allows notably to reach only all the parameters supplied by the modules The extensions which can installed beings or for which one
would write Scripts.

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To install the program - just copy or according to
the chosen version in the directory of your scripts. By default - this
directory is: c:3dsmaxscripts
This script does not work with 3D studio Max 2.x

DOCUMENTATION ( main functions)

The Class list shows all the classes available including those supplied by
the installed plugins. Clicking an element of this list - all Properties
available are shown in their short form in the Properties list and in their
full form in the MAXSCRIPT window.

A Search button allows to find all the occurrences of a text chain in the
Class list. A text field allows to bring in this chain.

The SuperClass list shows the list of the available SuperClass. Clicking an
element of the list - all the depending classes of the selected
SuperClass display in the MAXSCRIPT window.

Under the lists are booked the Class and SuperClass. Two checkboxes allow
to manage the MAXSCRIPT window. This window can be deactivated to post the
information supplied by this program - and Reset can be deleted.
The Object button allows to manually select an object of the scene to
obtain its properties.

Version Requirement: 
4; 3
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