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"This script will shrink one mesh to the surface of another mesh or meshes. This can help making a lowpoly collision object for a character. First a snapshot of the selected object is created. The original object is put into box mode (so it is easier to see the result). Snapshots are created of the selected target object(s). If there is more than one object selected then they are all attached into one mesh. The script will then project the "Shrink Wrap" mesh to the newly created target mesh. The verts that were not able to be projected are selected and a relax modifier is put on those selected verts. A mesh select is put at the top of the stack to "Close" it out. Finally. the target object mesh select is deleted. Once completed you will have the newly created mesh selected."

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"Installation Notes:
1) When you run the installer you will first be prompted to choose the scripts you wish to install.
2) Once you continue by hitting next you will be prompted for you 3dsmax installation. This is the ROOT of you max directory. In my case that would be C:3dsmax8

The scripts will be installed in C:3dsmax8scriptsTiMScripts
The macroscripts will be installed in C:3dsmax8UIMacroscripts
The startup script will be installed in C:3dsmax8scriptsstartup

If you are in a production environment there are a couple of options...

Option A) Install the TiM-Scripts somewhere on the network that all the machines can see as the same drive. Edit the startup script to point to that drive and directory. Then copy the Macroscripts and Startup file to all the boxes that will be using the scripts. When you update and more scripts are added you will only need to distribute the Macroscripts to all the machines that require it. This option is great because if there is an update to a script then you only need to overwrite it on the nextwork location. There is no need to restart max. The user will only need to rerun the script to get the latest version.

Option B) Install the TiM-Scripts on the network and distribute the scripts and macroscripts to all the machines that require it. This option is good if you need to take the box off the network or if the network goes down.

If anyone need help installing just go to the forums."

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8; 7; 6
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