Skin Tools

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Various tools for use with the Skin modifier.

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Skin Paint Mode On/Off:
This is a Macro Script found in the PEN Tools category for turning the Paint Weights tool on and off.

Skin Paint Blend Mode On/Off:
There is a hidden feature in Skin that is a blend or a blur paint mode that allows for the weights of verts to the blended. This makes it easier to soften areas or correct uneven weighting.
This is also a Macro Script found in the PEN Tools category.

Set Paint Weight to 0.02:
Macro Script that sets the paint weight to 0.02. This is a number that is hard to get to using the Alt+Shift feature that I often use.

Update Painter on Mouse Up:
Toggles the paint mode to update only when the paint is finished. This is great when working with very large meshes that make the paint mode slow.

Unzip and place the file in the STRpluginsSTRscripts folder and PEN_SkinTools.mcr in the UIMacroScripts folder and restart Max. All scripts will be found in the PEN Tools category in the Customize/Customize User Interface dialog. Add the tools in your favorit quad menu or set hot keys for them.

Version Requirement: 
8; 7; 6
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