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This is a new version of the skintoolsenv that is has been available for some years now - it can save large amounts of time when setting up skinned characters.

New features include a reworked UI allowing finer control over start/middle/end envelope crosssections with modify value by absolute/relative/percent - the ability to rotate indvidual bones (very useful for when they initialise in the wrong orientation) - an assign skin feature which allows you to set the initialisation parameters - dockability - compact floaters for all and selected bone controls - choice of axis for the move crosssection end mode - and a replace bone feature which allows you to replace an existing bone in your rig with an object not currently in the rig while maintaining the enveloping and weighting.

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After running the script in the downloadable zip file you can find it in the 'RPManager' category of your customise UI controls. Note that you need to have a skin modifier active in the modify panel - and if this tool was already open have used the 'rebuild Selection Sets/Bones' button to initialise the script properly.

Interface snapshot 1
Interface snapshot 2

Version Requirement: 
6; 5; 4
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