SM Scene Optimizer

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I'd written this script some time back and it should help u when working every heavy scenes with a lot of geometry .....

This script should be of good use to animators - lighting artist - environment modellers - shading guys -

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V1.4 Update: In Ver 1.4 - clicking on launch optimizer also puts off textures of all objects seen in the viewport. You can then interactively either put ON or OFF textures for the entire scene or selection of objects using the buttons 'TexON' and 'TexOFF'


1).Launching the optimizer makes your scene very light (for navigation purpose) in the viewports ... What u see in the viewport is not what will be rendered.

2).After launching optimizer - u can interactively put on or off the optimize effect on selection of objects.... using the 'OPT ON' and 'OPT OFF' buttons.

3).u can also set the level of optimization required on the whole scene or on selection of objects using the vertical slider .... taking the slider up means more optimization.....

4).The button 'Kill Optimizer' will remove all optimizations from the entire scene (or selected objects if your have clicked on the 'sel' radio button....

5).'MS ON' and 'MS OFF' with 'scene' radio selected puts on or off Meshsmooth for all objects in the scene which have a meshsmooth applied ..... if 'sel' radio is activated - the same works on selected objects only

6).When u render the scene - it shows u actual geometry - not optimized stuff.....

7).U can use the 'launch optimizer' in one session of max - save the scene and use
'kill optimizer' in another session of max

8).The button exclude objects is not yet implemented .....

example Usage:
Suppose u r working on a forest shot with tons of geometry in trees - leaves - terrain - stones - etc - and a character running thro a path in the jungle:

- if u r an animator - u could click 'launch optimizer' to optimize the whole scene -
and then remove optimization on only the character u r animating - and
maybe also the path

- if u r lighting/shading the scene - u can keep the whole scene optimized and yet see render
results which are un optimized....

Version Requirement: 
7; 6
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