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This tool assigns a prefered transform gizmo type to any object. When enabled the gizmo will change to it's default when the object is selected. Also modifies active axes - coordinate spaces - snaps and manipulation.

Additional Info: 

Version 2.0 Update Adds
SmartGizmo Inspector - Allows the editing of multiple objects' SmartGizmo parameters.

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Installation Instructions:

copy 'wtSmartGizmo.mzp' to your '3dsMaxScripts' folder.
start 3dsMax
in max goto maxscript/run script.../'3dsMaxscriptswtSmartGizmo.mzp'
exit 3dsMax
restart 3dsMax
Add 'SmartGizmo - Enable/Disable' and 'SmartGizmo Inspector' to a toolbar - key or quadmenu.
**The scripts can be found in 'Wahooney Tools' category.

Version Requirement: 
7; 6
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