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I often decided to assign certain functions to keys in order to be faster - like cut or extrude. But the problem i had. was that i needed different shortcuts for the same things cut for editMesh and PoyMesh or extrude for vertices. edges and faces ... Last week i wrote a (little!) collection of scripts I call smartscripts.
For example: there's an extrude script that you can use this shortcut on editmesh. polymesh. face. edge ... whatever.

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Normally in 3ds max the shortcuts one can bind to keys are too specific. There are different 'cut' functions (macros) for EditableMesh and PolyMesh. Even different functions for the sublevels.
The result is different hotkeys/shortcuts for the same thing!

The macros in 'smartShortcuts' represent one operation - regardless of the context. They do analyse the context and call the appropriate internal functions for operation.
The result is one hotkey/shortcuts for the same function - nevertheless on which type of mesh the user works on. Or on which type of sublevel the user wants to use the operation.
Therefore the amount for assigning keys to macros/functions is reduced.

Maybe after downloading the filename is '' instead of 'smartShortcuts.mzp'. Just rename it correctly.

Start Max4.x.
Select 'run maxscript' from MAXscript in your main menu bar. Choose 'smartShortcuts.mzp'.
You can find the script in the category 'smartShortcuts' and assign keys to the functions available there

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