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Max has only one soundtrack [max5] - which is rather frustating.
I managed to write a script using multiple windows media player activex controls which plays up to 8 different sound files starting from the various frame numbers you specify for them.

This way the animation can be sync'd better - you get a live feedback.......and its easy to record the mixed sound with a seperate recorder [Like goldwave etc]
The final recorded sound can be added to the max track and rendered.
It also has volume and balance controls.
[Took only 30 mins to write it - but 3 hours to make a good looking interface]

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Its limitations are -
- cant render the composite sound - you must record it
- the vol and bal works for the whole file [channel] - no fading or panning possible - so you need to prepare the sound beforehand
- it has bugs and can crash
- may or may not work with some sound cards - although nowadays all have h/w mixers etc.
- tested with max 5

Here's an upgrade for SoundMixer 1.0
Improvements -
1. Added Save and Load mixes - now there is no need to set everything again and again.
2. You can pause the tracks. The sounds and time slider pause and play in sync with the Play/Pause button.
3. All sounds are killed when slider reaches last frame and loops over.
4. The sounds start from slider start frame - instead of frame 0...when it loops.
5. Fix the bug which made it play from last paused frame - even if you repositioned the time slider in max.
6. Works with max 7.
7. Some other minor things.

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