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Khodor Rizk

-- this so-simple script is intended to help user with some frequently used tools
-- 1. it makes random position, rotation and scale
-- 2. it can arrange objects based on theirs bounding boxes on X,Y and Z
-- 3. it can render the scene and save the rendered VFB directly into the assigned location with a prefix name and incremental numbers
-- 4. it can scale object very precisely , this tool is so useful when working with special/architectural objects and characters
-- and has the ability to reset xform of an object when using 1.0 = 1.0 in "scale precisely" box
-- 5. it can bring the materials of the selected object/objects into the SME and open the Slate Material Editor directly
-- 6. it forces 3dsmax to use metric 1M=1m as system units setup (helpful for photo-metric rendering and massFX)
-- 7. it displays a mini execute-code windows for further manipulations
-- 8. it change an object's appearance (boxmode, XRay and renderable or not)
-- this script must not stop here , you can edit it to fit your needs
-- Khodor Rizk, Lebanon 12122020

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