Splashscreen Randomizer

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Randomizes your splashscreen each time max starts.

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Note from ScriptSpot: this is a really fun / cool script! I'm glad I installed it!

Copy this script into your <3dsmax Root>scriptsstartup.

Create a folder in your max root called 'splashes' - ie.C:3DSMax8splashes. Then put as many 600x300 bmp files in there as you like. The second time max starts up it will have a random splashscreen.

If you include an overlay.tga file in the splashes folder it will be overlayed on the randomized splashscreen - this way you can include company logo's - script set versions - etc. To do this properly the file will have to have an alpha channel. But this will increase your load time by about 1.5 seconds depending on your system.

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