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This script allows a very straightforward way of getting instant stereoscopic rendering. This version supports two methods: Anaglyph and Opacity Blending.


 renders a fake stereoscopic preview by making an approach with the Depth of Field Multi-Pass Effect.

 triggers the rendering. The script renders two frames, based on your settings, and then displays both images blended according to the stereoscopy type. Since this is made entirely on MAXScript, the final rendering may take a few extra seconds to be calculated, which is unfortunate. 

 creates a dummy in the scene which is used to save and load later your custom settings with the scene. Do not modify the dummy directly, its values should be changed by the script itself only.


I hope someone finds this useful Smile

Additional Info: 

To install the script, move (my library for bitmap processing) to your 3ds Max/Scripts/Startup folder. Then run to start using it.

It's my first script, so the code may look kinda messy.

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2012 (probably compatible with previous versions)
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