Substance Bonus Tools for 3ds Max

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Fred Moreau

Substance Bonus Tools for 3ds Max

The Substance Bonus Tools for 3ds Max is a free MAXScript package that includes several very useful tools to enhance your experience of using Substances in 3ds Max 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack.

It includes:

  • A Substance Browser to browse through any Substances available on your disk.
  • A Material Match Maker to automatically create a material out of a Substance.
  • A Substance Preset module that allows you to load the presets created from the Substance Player.

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  • Start 3ds Max 2011 (with Subscription Advantage Pack installed)
  • If your browser has changed the file extension of the mzp package to something else, rename it back to .mzp
  • In 3ds Max, open the MaxScript menu and choose "run script", then browse for the .mzp file you downloaded.
  • Follow the steps.
  • If you check the New Substance Toolbar option, setup will prompt you to save a new .cui file. It’s a copy of your cui file, plus the Substance Toolbar. That way it never breaks anything.
  • Once setup is complete, you should have a new Substance Menu in 3ds Max main menu and/or a new Substance Toolbar.

Feature description

Substance Browser allows you to browse through Substances. You will be asked to create the cache if it doesn’t exist at all. We strongly encourage you to do it, as it will greatly enhance your browsing experience. Creating the cache takes some time. Give it a good 5 to 10 minutes on an average pc with a 512 resolution.

Substance Material Match Maker. This will create a Material out of a Substance, automatically. It supports all Standard, Mental Ray and VRay Materials. Loading a Substance in it, choosing the Shading Context and pressing the big button is all you have to do to get a fully featured Substance Material.

Substance Presets. This allows you to load presets, saved with Substance Player, onto substances in 3dsmax. This requires Substance Player 1.1 available here.

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2011 with Subscription Advantage Pack
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