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3DS Max - Plugin - MatchMaterialAndUVs v2 0

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This script I created allows the user to match a source's material, UVW Maps, and Unwrap UVW(you can choose what you like to apply from those 3), with the possibility of preserving the targets existent similar modifiers or replacing those with the source's ones.
Please whatch the video to see all the features present in the dialog box that opens up, and how to use the script.

Note: This script is a major upgrade for a script I've done before: https://youtu.be/_Cl0L-6iyIs?si=ZoMj4x-qSSykWDmI

3DS Max Plugin - Multiple Sections

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In this video, I will present you with a new plugin I created for 3DS Max that allows the user to create multiple 2D sections on the 3 axes. The script has many options to control this operation, like the number of sections, the spacing between sections, offsetting the start of the operation, flipping the axis so that, for example, if you choose the Z axis, flipping means the creation of the sections will begin from top to bottom, also you have the option to Weld the vertices.

3DS Max Plugin Update - Lights Switch V2.0

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This is an update for the plugin I wrote 6 years ago, called Lights Switch.
The reason behind the update was an e-mail from a user who had a small issue with a scene full of Cororna lights, where the script managed to turn all lights OFF, but for some reason failed to turn them ON again.
After inspecting the script, I recognized the bug and fixed it.

Basically, the script, when clicked, will go through all lights in the scene, and if any light is ON it will turn it OFF. On the other hand, if the script sees that all lights are OFF it will turn them all ON again.

3DS Max - Copy Paste Objects Between Scenes

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This is a script I created to help the user in copying and pasting
objects between multiple opened 3DS Max scenes.
Under the hood, it's a quick merge operation that is done without
Any prompt. If there is a name conflict, the coming object will be renamed. Also if there is a material's name conflict, the coming object
will preserve its own material but the material will be renamed.

3DS Max - Match Materials and Mapping - Plugin

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This script will help the user match the material of a source object to a target object
First, you need to select the source object then click the script, now start picking your target objects
When you finish picking just right-click, or press Enter, and the picked Objects will have the same material as the source
Object plus any UVW Map modifier or Unwrap UVW modifier applied to it.

3DS Max Plugin Rename Modifiers

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In this video i will present you with two small scripts i created. one of them will reset the modifiers names to their default names. The second one will add the default names to the custom ones.
this is useful in case you have objects with many modifiers applied to them and these modifiers have custom names.

You can check my demo video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/ijK_BhxBAf8

Isolate By Material

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This tool helps the user to isolate objects by material, The user picks an object, then by clicking the button all objects sharing the same material will remain in the scene, while others will be hidden. Also if the selected object doesn't have any material applied to it a dialog box will popup telling the user this, and giving him/her the choice to click YES and isolate all objects with no materials applied to them.
You can a demo video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/oWUZQ-iN7e4

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