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FFD 2 Quad

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10/31: Added a vertex normal projection option by pressing alt while clicking, fixed some small issues. Hope you find this useful, Happy Halloween everyone

about: the script sets up an 2x2x2_FFD modifier (FFD group button). It lets you automatically build new geometry by cloning and aligning the the orginal object to a quad of an Editable_Poly (place group). It also adds the 'Archetype Holder' modifier which lets you set up simple rules to run the script based on MatID's in an edit_poly.


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This is a follow up script to jpAligner. now you can snap groups by materialID instead of manually clicking. you can assign up to 10 MaterialIDs each with unique sets jpaGroups, a random group will be assigned when the new mesh is being created.
And... jpaGroups can be nested to call themselves recursively.

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