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Cleaning Menu Duplicates

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Cleaning Menu Duplicates
(清除重複的 menu 項目 ,累積太多 會嚴重影響效能)
check your menu file : shelllaunch (menuMan.getMenuFile()) ""
(可以用上面指令開啟你的menu檔,檢查檔案大小, my MaxStartUI.mnux : 392K)

1. place in .........\scripts\startup\
(把 Cleaning Menu Duplicates.ms 放到startup 內)

2. start 3dsmax
(開啟 3dsmax)

3. close 3dsmax
(關掉 3dsmax ,此時就會自動清理)

4. start 3dsmax
(再開啟 3dsmax )

5. save CUI
(存 CUI 檔)

3DS Max Hot Box

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After being inspired by the video I saw of a Max hot box here on Script Spot I decided to work on my own. So here is the first version, its only a beta so some bugs or problems are to be expected. I am giving it out early as I want to get as much feedback as possible  I am currently debating whether to follow the Maya route or do something a bit different. 

smart menu

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another script for today :)
this script scans a folder on your PC and creates a menu in 3dsmax's interface with all scripts it finds there (you must specify the path to scan in the script by yourself). all you need to do with your new script is to place it in that folder, and you will be able to access it in 3dsmax interface. no macroscripts support.

DUM (Dynamic Utility Menu)

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Smart utility menu for your scripts.
Easy customizable (noted inside the code).


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