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mrProxy Generator v1.0

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mrProxy Generator v1.0 is a helpful script for creating multiple proxies of selected objects. It automatically names the output files from the selection and can also replace your geometry. The script is free of charge and available for download.
Works with versions 9.x and above. There’s also a video tutorial describing the usage of the script on youtube.


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This scripts enable you to change selected objects(with animation) to mr_Proxy objects.
And you can change some parameters of selected objects all at once.
Caution: If you wanna use property "AnimOffset", you have to apply Skin modifier or
other deformation modifier to an object, whose animation is just drived by linked hierarchy.

How to use: Just put this script to \3ds max root\ui\macroscripts\. Then, start up 3ds max,
and go to "Customize"->"Customize User Interface". You can find this script in a category "DSTRUEVISION".

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