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Installing scripts for 3dsMax has never been easier!

MaxScriptManager is a tool that will help you keep track of installed scripts, help you install new ones in a number of different ways, get notified if updates are available and even apply updates automatically. Developers can create script repositores so that users can access their script without leaving 3dsMax.

Rock Maker v2.5 & Rock My World v1.6!

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This is a script I wrote while learning Maxscript.


Create a high poly Rock and adjust to suit your needs

Click Make Low Poly and you'll get a low poly rock based on the high

poly rock that is unwrapped ready for Render to Texture.

You can save your shapes to presets and adjust the pivot with one click.

The original and the best: :)

Easy Turntable

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A quick script to aid in setting up a turntable render for your assets.

Press go.

Set the frame rate

Set the animation length.

The spline rotation allows you to set the start position

Regardless of animation range only performs 360 dgrees of travel

Added Slidertime to 0 on reset

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