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Server Utilities

22 votes
A small server admin tool built on maxscript to automate some of the more annoying tasks needed while managing a small renderfarm. Rebooting/Shutting down remote servers, Viewing with VNC or Remote Desktop, Restart/Stopping/Querying remote services, Listing/Starting or Stopping remote processes

Will It Finish? ... Render Time Estimator

17 votes

This is a quick calculator for those of you with backburner render farms. It'll estimate how many frames your computer will render versus how many your idle backburner nodes will in a given amount of time.

For example - say you work at a small studio and have a dozen backburner nodes available. It's Friday afternoon, you want to go home but you're concerned that the new glossy objects increased your frame time to 20 minutes / frame on your workstation. But how many can you render on the farm? This tool will help you. For the type of work I do this tool works well - your mileage may vary.

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