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Select Every N-th-no UI

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If you want to select every 2nd or 3rd or 4th, etc edges, just select the first edge, skip the desired number of edges and select the second edge, then execute the script.

If you want to see the time that script needs to make a selection, just start MAXScript Listener.

Instalation: Drag 'n drop two mzp files in 3ds max, then go to Customize - Customize User Interface. Under "miauu" category you can find "Gap Loop" and "Gap Ring" scripts.

On the video below the script works 3 times slower, because of Camtasia and my old, single core PC.

Time Step

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A Time control tool: For animators who are too lazy to calculate time intervals. Just set the number of frames you want to skip then use the buttons to jump forward and backward in time. You can also use the lower buttons to move one frame in time when you are using "Key mode toggle".

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