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3DS MaxTrackBar Markers Script

3 votes

This script marks specific frames in an animation, adds a note to each marked frame and save the list as xml.
The script is quite useful when juggling scenes and need to keep track of requiered changes, or team members need to share info among them.
The list will not be saved with the scene, it needs to be saved externally as xml to be used when re-opening the scene.

TrackBarMarkers XML AE v2.1.6 :

  • New AfterEffects script which imports and exports xml.
  • Trackbar Mod Filter

    6 votes

    A small script that will install a trackbar filter which only shows the keys belonging to the currently selected modifier on the stack. So if you have 10 animated modifiers on your stack, you can now easily edit the keys for just one of them without opening the curve editor.

    Run the script to create the filter (put script in /scripts/startup/ folder to make it stick)

    To activate: rightclick on trackbar -> filter -> modFilter.


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