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UDK FBXporter

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This is a script the keeps track of "ExportSets" for UDK. It stores what object should be exported, and with what settings. It greatly speeds up the process of exporting to FBX for UDK, as you don't have to select anything and there's no export dialog anymore!
Right now it only supports Static Meshes and SkeletalMeshes, I might add animation in the future.

This is a macroscript that appears in the "FBX Export Sets" category. It should already have an icon if you place it on a toolbar.

UDK Scale Tools

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First version of a set of tools to help with planning and block out stages of environments.

Development Materials:

Applies either a grid or a character size dev texture.

Scale Billboards:

Creates a choice of character scale billboards.

Units Conversion:

Simple measurement converter for converting Feet, Inches, Meters or Centimetres to Unreal Units.

Development Materials and Conversion Ratios are based on UDK tool downloads available from Level Design Universe

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