Teague Scene Checker (for V-Ray)

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Colin Senner

Changelog: 1.03 -

  • The previous version did not fully correct the issue 2009/2010 users were having.  This one does.  Apologies.

Changelog: 1.02 - 

  • Fixes the error max 2010 users were getting 

Teague Scene Checker (for V-Ray) is a script that checks your scene for known error causing problems with V-Ray as well as informs you of some things that are happening in your scene.  The script currently checks for the following things and informs you so you can optimize the scene. After numerous scenes with outrageous render times Teague decided to invest in a simple, easy-to-use tool to eliminate problems for its artists. #INFO(These are just useful information to know, not really problems, just want to be aware of some of them)

  • V-Ray fur object is in the scene
  • V-Ray material has "Use Interpolation" on (Problematic for animation
  • V-Ray light material has direct light on (can be problematic if there are a large number of faces on the object)
  • Irradiance Map/LC Not set
  • "Use Light Cache for glossy rays" is off
  • Dynamic memory limit set very low
  • VRayDisplacementMod is applied to objects
  • VRayCarPaintMtl in the scene
  • VRayFastSSS/2 materials in the scene


  • Detects if you are using Linear Workflow and makes sure you have gamma 2.2 and "Don't affect colors" (There are valid reasons to not have this ticked, but you already know that if you aren't ticking it)
  • Detail Enhancement is on in the Irradiance Map
  • V-Ray material(s) with more than 32 subdivisions
  • V-Ray light with high subdivisions (>24) found

#CRITICAL (Usually show stopping errors for V-Ray, crashes and the like or heavily un-optimized things that can skyrocket render times)

  • Standard lights found without "VRayShadow" or "VRayShadowMap" for their shadow generator
  • V-Ray material with "Use Irradiance Map" off (This thing along is why this script was written.  I absolutely hate this, it has cost me so many hours figuring it out)
  • Raytrace map found
  • Mental Ray lights that are found and unsupported

  The Script's interface is simple.  In the Messages window it shows the info/warnings/critical errors in the scene.  In the "Objects/Materials" window, it identifies what objects have the problems being referenced allowing you to easily change and tweak them.


The results of a scene optimization are as follows:

Scene Before          
Scene After              

If you would like information on extending the script's capabilities, full documentation is available on my site at 


Additional Info: 

Tested with Max 2010-2013. No problems.

Version Requirement: 
Max 2009+


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colinsenner's picture

What seems to be the issue?

What seems to be the issue? If you update to version 1.01+ it resolves the issue with vray materials inside multisub objects.


lnio's picture

love it!!

hi colin, very useful- love it!!
a littel problem with scanning vraymtl subdive inside multi sub mtls.


colinsenner's picture

Releasing a fix for max 2009

Releasing a fix for max 2009 with v1.02 it'll be out soon.

chakib's picture

All i can say is...

...BRAVO !

Big thanks for this very useful script !

colinsenner's picture

Too Kind

You're way too kind. But thank you. Glad you enjoy it. I promise I'll update Relink Bitmaps soon. I'm going to try to this weekend, I'm aware of some problems. If you need anything else, let me know via email on my site. Cheers,

malucow's picture


Man, Relink bitmaps its already my most used script on daily work, but you made it again, now this will be my second most used script, incredibly useful, thanks for sharing it!

colinsenner's picture


Great catch. I didn't realize you could set this value to 0. I'll get this corrected for the next build.

Thanks for the help Crystal3d!

crystal3d's picture

Great Idea, i liked it alot!

But as any great tools it has some problems and i am willing to report it as much as i can.

#W1 - My dynamic memory limit is 0 so it is unlimited but TSC reports it as low so i guess "0" value should be defined as "high enough".

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