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 Hide layers and objects rapidly on mass. Also toggles 'view as box'

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Hide multiple layers and objects rapidly,
by name.
Save on CPU using show as box on mass.

Great for quickly hiding layers and objects
on mass.Toggles layers and object visibilty on and off.

Can be very powerful if used in conjunction
with scene state.
Does require good labeling of the scene

Show as box saves on CPU if you've a slow
system so is well worth doing, even if you
think it doesn't look as pretty as you fly
about pre-render.
This tool allows you to do it on mass, so more
likely to do so.

This tool works most efficiently when used in
conjunction with a good workflow and naming

But then we should all be working like this
already, shouldn't we. No excuses please.


Each Maxscript comes zipped, along with
a manual .txt file, and any .jpgs required.

To install the script;-
1) Download the file (follow link).
2) Unzip the file and copy the content to
your Scripts folder for 3dsMax (version 8
or higher).

That's it, you're good to go!

Version Requirement: 
Version 8 or higher
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