Touch Texture Maker

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"This little script (spoken: TiTtiMaker) produces animated textures based on object interaction. It consists of two render engines:

Local-Z Pen: Originally developed by Bobo (and known as PenPal) this script produces an animated texture on a planar mapped 'paper object' by writing on it with the Z-axis of a 'pen object'. PenPal was given a new UI and some small enhancements in usability and former restrictions. You can choose between procedural brushes (rectangle - ellipse - slash - spray) and you can even brush with bitmaps. Thank you Bobo for this great work!!

Object Intersection Pen: This is something I needed for one of my projects and I'm glad I invested time to script it - it's very useful! It creates an animated texture map by 'writing' on a polygon object with another - you can use this texture to mask materials - maps - effects - etc... the possibilities are endless (just imagine wet hands touching a object and leave wet reflections behind). And there are nearly no restricitions - you can even use any map channel with any UV coordinates on the target object to bake the texture. The only drawback - it's a script and it's slow - be especially carefull with high poly counts and high resolution textures.
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