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The user draws any combination of top - front - right - bottom - back and left views of an object - scans in the pictures - and then this script will create the corresponding planes in your viewport with your pictures on them - allowing the user to use the reference photos as a guide for building their 3d model. For best results - make sure that all widths and heights correlate appropriately in your image editing software.

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Version 1.30 Updates
- Added browse buttons next to source image editable fields.
- Added 'Right' - 'Bottom' - and 'Back' as other optional views.
- Made the top/bottom planes orient according to their relation to the front/back and right/left views.
- Fixed a bug that would give an error message when trying to build a new template after deleting an existing one.
- Made 'Hidden' - 'Frozen' - 'Renderable' - and '2-Sided' checkboxes write to a text file to keep the user's most recent settings.
- Enabled/Disabled panel sets.
- Added 'Flip Top/Bottom Image(s)' button in case the top and/or bottom image comes in 180 degrees off.

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This is an updated version of the original Tracer Script written by Neil Blevins

From the MaxScript panel - run tracer.mzp

After installation - from the MaxScript panel - run found in the $scriptsDigitalFlipbook folder.

Version Requirement: 
7; 6; 5
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