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This script is a Scripted TrackView Utility for Max r5 that will flatten out the hierarchy of the list in trackview. This is useful during animation - when you only want to see the leaf nodes in trackview.

Additional Info: 

It works well with autoExpand Modifiers and Select Animated that Custom Attributes even on modifiers and such will appear and be auto expanded and auto selected.

There are options to temporarily disable the flattening. You can also show XYZ type master controller label - such as 'Position' or 'Rotation' on top of PositionX etc... You can also show Modifier name labels as well if desired.

The U.I. can also be docked or undocked - and if you save TrackView's layout - it will auto-run next time trackview is opened.

To run - execute the .ms file - or better - drop the .ms file into 3dsmax5stdplugsstdscripts. Then open trackview - inside of trackview choose the 'Utilities' menu and then 'Track View Utilities...'. In the list choose 'trackViewFlaten - CometCartoons' and hit OK.

Version Requirement: 
6; 5
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