Tune Up MultiMaterial

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Sergo Pogosyan

This script helps you change diffuse colors of materials in multimaterial. You can change hue/value/saturation for all materials in multimaterial or in blend material, change contrast between materials, and add randomness in colors.


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Run this script with Maxscript ->
Run Script command from any folder on your hard drive, then go to the
*'Customize User Interface' -> 'Toolbars'*, browse to category 'Sergo Pogosyan' and add 'Tune Up MultiMaterial' buttons to the
toolbar or to the menu.

Place icon bitmap files to the maxroot/UI/Icons
folder if you need button images.  Icon files are same for all my
scripts, so you can download and install them only one time.


Select slot with material in material editor, start the script, apply color modifications and close the window.

Contrast parameter changes contrast between all colors in multimaterial.

seed is changing with the amount, when you move the sliders. If you
need only to change the seed, just click on the slider without moving

Supported multimaterials: Multi Sub-object, Blend.

Supported materials: Standard, Arch&Design, Architectural, Raytrace, Vray.

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